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Arbor Green Landscaping and Tree Care has been specializing  in Large Tree Transplanting along with landscape design, landscape installation, and property maintenance for over 15 years.  We are unique in our ability to create mature landscapes with our 80” tree spade, which combined with our inventory of large trees, enables us to move and install large trees of up to a nine inch caliper.  Arbor Green Landscaping and Tree Care takes pride in providing our clients with personalized landscaping services.  Whether it be landscape design, property maintenance including full service tree care or landscape installation, Arbor Green Landscaping helps homeowners in Pennsylvania and Delaware create the perfect outdoor space to enjoy and live in.

At Arbor Green Landscape and Tree Care we utilize local growers in Pennsylvania and Delaware, guaranteeing our plant material is acclimated to our growing zone, and ensuring high quality plants that are not distressed from long journeys across the country.  We also have an inventory of trees in our nursery, including many large trees available for transplanting with our 80” tree spade.  Visit our Large Tree page for more information.

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